Members of our Advocacy Network are ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things. Their passion and compassion drive them to make a difference for kidney patients. They are working nationally and locally in their communities to increase awareness of kidney disease and to advocate for policies that support kidney patients and their families.

Ryan Bramlett

As a dialysis patient himself, advocating for Ryan isn’t just personal, but is all about improving care for all kidney patients.

Audrey Adamson

Audrey Adamson did not get kidney disease from hypertension or diabetes, the two leading causes. Hers came as a result of another health issue, pancreatitis.

Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown of Queens Village, New York, didn’t think much about kidney disease until he found out his mother’s kidneys were failing—shocking news, considering that she had no symptoms.

Stephanie Shabanowitz

Stephanie Shabanowitz from Oakdale, Connecticut, is passionate about educating others about pediatric kidney disease and discussing important policy issues with Congressional representatives.

Lana Schmidt

Lana Schmidt of Liberty, Illinois, is committed to increasing public awareness of kidney disease and helping others access the information they need for quality health care.