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Donate a Timeshare to Support AKF

Help kidney patients and raise awareness of kidney disease plus earn a tax deduction by donating your timeshare to the American Kidney Fund.

We work with a reputable organization, Donate for a Cause (DFC), the first and only nonprofit organization helping other charities through timeshare donations. To donate your timeshare simply fill out the donation form and click Submit Request. Your property will be assessed to determine its market value. DFC will contact you in 2-3 days. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to sell donated timeshares. DFC will send you a tax receipt.

Occasionally, it is not cost effective for DFC to take the donated property and resell it. Owners of those properties have the option to take advantage of DFC’s Fee-based Guaranteed Donation Program.

This program enables DFC to accept properties and assist donors who would otherwise be turned away.  Donors are under no obligation to proceed with this program or pay the fee—it is completely optional.

Donors who elect to participate in this program pay a fee and DFC guarantees the property to be transferred out of the donor’s name in about eight weeks.  DFC then uses the fee to pay for all of the closing, recording and transfer fees that potential timeshare buyers normally pay. Because potential buyers then have to pay only the purchase price, these properties become more desirable than others on the market and may be easier to sell.  The donor receives a receipt for the paid fee in addition to a receipt for the donation of the property itself.

The Fee-based Guaranteed Donation Program has allowed DFC to continue helping donors whose properties might not otherwise be eligible for donation, as well as raising money for the American Kidney Fund in these difficult economic times.

More questions? Call DFC toll-free at 877-8-A-CAUSE (877.822.2873), or read our Timeshare Donation FAQs below.

Click here to donate your timeshare.

Timeshare Donation FAQs

What are the benefits of donating my timeshare?
You save time and money . . . no more maintenance fees, special assessments, listing fees and/or timeshare bills . . . and you get a tax deduction!
* Timeshare donors may be charged a document retrieval fee if they are unable to provide a copy of the deed.

Who is Donate for a Cause?
Donate for a Cause (DFC) is a nonprofit organization that accepts donated timeshares on behalf of the American Kidney Fund and other charitable organizations. DFC handles all the paperwork to sell your timeshare and forwards the proceeds to the American Kidney Fund.

How long will it take to sell my timeshare?
It takes 8-12 weeks from the time Donate for a Cause receives your documents. This includes a four (4)-week listing period.

Are all timeshare donations accepted?
Generally 90% of donated timeshares are accepted, usually within a few weeks of the time the donor contacts us. Timeshares that are not accepted have either outstanding mortgages or overdue annual maintenance fees that the donor is unable to pay off.  There are some timeshares that can’t be transferred due to legal barriers; each is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Donate for a Cause offers a Fee-based Guaranteed Donation Program.  This program enables DFC to accept properties and assist donors who would otherwise be turned away.  Donors are under no obligation to proceed with this program or pay the fee—it is completely optional.

What do timeshare gifts typically sell for?
They can range from $600 to $5,000, with a small percentage going for more than $5,000.

Can I sell my timeshare on my own and donate the proceeds to AKF?
Any timeshare owner can sell independently and donate the proceeds to AKF. But most owners are reluctant to pay listing fees typically ranging from $800-$3,000 for a timeshare that may sell for just $600-$5,000. Furthermore, it can take several years to sell a timeshare, and continuing maintenance fees may exceed the sale price.

How do I get my tax deduction?
Donate for a Cause will send you a tax receipt for your donation when ownership of your timeshare has been transferred successfully.

What does it cost the American Kidney Fund?
Your timeshare donation costs AKF nothing! Your timeshare is deeded to the charity, it is sold—and AKF receives a portion of the proceeds.

What if I don't live in the U.S.?
Non-U.S. residents are welcome to donate timeshares. However, to receive a tax deduction in your home country, you must consult a tax advisor to find out if your timeshare donation qualifies as a tax deduction.

Click here to donate your timeshare.

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