Kidney disease affects 30 million Americans and their families.

When members of the Woodward Elementary Wildcat family were affected, the staff and students decided to come together, learn more and fight back. They launched a student service learning project in collaboration with the American Kidney Fund during which the Wildcat students not only learned more about their kidneys and how to keep them healthy, they raised over $1,500 to support the programs of the American Kidney Fund!

During March, National Kidney Month, the students took part in kidney disease educational activities while raising money through fun activities like hat day and classroom change wars, collecting spare change from family and friends. A month later, the Wildcats hosted a 5K Fun Run/Walk in their community to further promote healthy living and conclude their fundraising efforts.

The knowledge these students and their families gained about kidney health will empower them to prevent kidney disease in their lives and the money they raised will help kidney patients in need access lifesaving medical care, including dialysis and transplantation.

For more information on how you can bring an AKF Student Service Learning Project to a school in your community, contact Martin at or 1.855.544.2210.


Create a simple plan

Set a 2-4 week timeframe during the school year when your students will integrate learning more about kidney health and fundraising to support the mission of the American Kidney Fund. Work with the staff at AKF to set a goal and finalize your plan. Collect all the necessary materials for the program.


Form a great team

Form a small task force of teachers, counselors, parents and even students, who will serve as champions for the service learning project. Meet together a few times to garner ideas and delegate any tasks associated with the project. Have the task force share their enthusiasm with your school community.

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Follow the plan

Follow your plan for the project. Distribute materials to the students and their families, host the educational classes or assemblies, promote the fundraising activities you have decided upon, learn about kidney health, raise funds to help others and HAVE FUN! Connect with the AKF staff to make sure you have what you need.


Celebrate success

At the conclusion of the project, celebrate your school’s success through announcements, thank you’s, classroom awards, local press releases, social media posts to share all the learning that was accomplished and all the good your students and faculty have done for kidney patients. Make sure to have a follow up call with AKF staff so they can share your story with the larger kidney community and encourage other schools to do the same!