After three weeks of online voting, 14-year-old Skyler Moats of Elkins, West Virginia, is the winner of the American Kidney Fund’s (AKF) annual art contest for pediatric kidney patients, putting her drawing on the cover of AKF’s 2018 calendar.

Skyler was one of 13 finalists whose artwork was featured on AKF’s website for three weeks during which members of the public could vote for the drawing they thought should appear on the cover. Nearly 4,000 people voted and Skyler’s drawing, “A Fighting Chance,” came out on top with almost 800 votes. Skyler’s drawing was designed to be a symbol of strength and hope for kids like her who are battling kidney disease.

Skyler was diagnosed with kidney disease in fifth grade. Now a ninth grader at Elkins High School, Skyler’s kidney disease has progressed to stage 4. In spite all of her health obstacles, Skyler is upbeat and keeps a positive attitude. She enjoys spending time outdoors and she plays both the guitar and ukulele. Skyler lives with her two sisters and grandmother, and had a pre-transplant evaluation on April 19. She hopes to get a kidney transplant before her kidneys fail.

Each year we get a glimpse into the boundless hope and resilience of young patients when they submit their original artwork for our annual Calendar Kids Art Contest.

This nationwide contest is an opportunity for children and teens, up to age 16, who are living with kidney disease to share their artistic talents with the nation. The winner of the contest gets to have his or her artwork featured on the cover of AKF’s 2018 annual calendar, as well as a trip to Washington, DC, to attend and be honored at AKF’s annual gala, The Hope Affair.

The winning pictures will be featured in AKF’s 2018 calendar.

Browse through the artwork

  • 1 - A Gift for You!

    Bethany R - Age 11, Baltimore, MD

  • 2 - Winter Fun

    Christy S - Age 13, Dodgeville, WI

  • 3 - Teamwork Always Wins

    Ethan N - Age 6, Vancouver, WA

  • 4 - Dialysis to Transplant

    Felixa B - Age 15, Houston, TX

  • 5 - The Moon and The Sun

    Julia P - Age 14, Greenbelt, MD

  • 6 - Always Bloom Happiness in Your Garden

    Kate R - Age 11, Tigard, OR

  • 7 - The Rainbow Heart

    Kaylee T - Age 11, Baltimore, MD

  • 8 - Sharing the Love

    Keegan S - Age 15, Conway, AR

  • 9 - Hawaii's Healthy Picture Mix

    Lhaia H - Age 9, Honolulu, HI

  • 10 - Kidney Coming Soon

    Sally K - Age 16, Tarzana, CA

  • 11 - A Fighting Chance

    Skyler M - Age 14, Elkins, WV

  • 12 - Fishing for Hope

    Sylvia S - Age 16, Ontario, CA

  • 13 - Girl and Her Dog

    Symone C - Age 16, Houston, TX

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