Athlete conquers childhood kidney disease and her own mental and physical limits

Melodie Carli
Author: Melodie Carli  |  Posted:

As a child growing up in the south of France, in Corsica—a beautiful Island just north Sardinia—my single mom did everything she could to teach me how to be a better person, healthy, active, and to give back to people who needed it. We didn’t know that I was about to become the person who needed it. READ MORE >>


Natural disasters can be life-threatening for dialysis patients

Hurricane Florence and dialysis patients: Why AKF is concerned
Author: AKF Staff  |  Posted:

In 2017 we saw the devastating effects of hurricanes on dialysis patients in Texas, Puerto Rico and other affected areas. Now, as Hurricane Florence begins its assault on the Carolinas, we’re again prepared to help. Mike Spigler, AKF’s vice president of patients services and kidney disease education, explains the special challenges that dialysis patients face during a natural disaster. READ MORE >>

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Diabetes education and kidney health: Coaching to prevent kidney disease

TMF HQI diabetes health educator
Author: Debra Nell Williams, M.D.  |  Posted:

The American Kidney Fund has partnered with the TMF Health Quality Institute to incorporate kidney disease education into Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) classes taught by diabetes health educators using AKF’s Kidney Health Coach program. READ MORE >>

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