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The Pair Up Promise: Do the Math!

The Pair Up Promise is a simple pledge that can help protect you—and the people you love—from kidney disease.

Pair Up Promise

When you “Do the Math”—add healthy choices to your lifestyle, subtract things that are unhealthy, and multiply the impact by spreading the word—you are taking positive steps toward a healthier you. Even small steps can help you lower your risk for diabetes and high blood pressure, the two leading causes of kidney disease.

Already made the Promise? Learn how to live it.

Make the Pair Up Promise now!

In the fight to prevent kidney disease, I am making the Pair Up Promise.

I promise to Do the Math:

+ ADD.  I will add healthy choices that help prevent or control the two leading causes of kidney disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

– SUBTRACT.  I will take away some of the things that can contribute to diabetes or high blood pressure.

x MULTIPLY.  I will help get the word out to people I care about and  Pair Up in the fight to prevent kidney disease.

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