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Live the Pair Up Promise:
Subtract Salt From Your Diet
A Couple Cooking a Healthy Meal

Most Americans consume far more sodium (salt) than they need. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium a day—the amount of sodium in 1 teaspoon of table salt. That number includes sodium from all sources, including prepared or packaged foods.

A diet high in sodium may increase your blood pressure. High blood pressure (hypertension) forces the heart to work harder. This can damage blood vessels and organs—increasing your risk of heart disease, kidney disease, and stroke.

People with high blood pressure may be advised by a doctor to limit sodium in their diet even more.

It’s not as hard as you think to cut back on salt! Here are a few easy tips:

  • Avoid processed and prepared foods like cold cuts, soups, fast food and frozen dinners.
  • Choose fresh or frozen vegetables instead of canned vegetables. If you do use canned vegetables, rinse them before eating or cooking with them to remove extra salt. See the image below for a quick comparison of sodium content.
  • Limit the salt you add to your food when cooking or eating. Try cooking with fresh herbs, lemon juice or other spices.
  • Shop for items that say “low-sodium.”
  • Limit salty snacks like chips, pretzels and salted nuts.

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Additional Resources:

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Low-Sodium Foods Shopping List., U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


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