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Shennel Huffman's Story

Author: Shennel Huffman
October 15, 2012

Early detection of kidney disease is an essential ingredient for prolonging one's renal function, and life in general. I have been a Type I, insulin-dependent diabetic since age nine. Although my diabetes has always been well controlled, now at age 35, the disease has taken quite a toll on my body affecting my quality of life. Through random courses of events, I was diagnosed with Stage III Chronic Kidney Disease. Although I was constantly evaluated by specialists, the renal failure was not detected until my husband and I were planning to grow our family. Now, rather than planning for children, we are planning for my kidney transplant, which is inevitable.  If the disease had been detected sooner, it would have been managed from an earlier stage and our lives would have taken a different course.  A healthy renal diet, blood sugar control, blood pressure control along with exercise are all good ingredients for better renal function.  However, detection is key since once renal function declines, it cannot not be replenished. It is a daily struggle to maintain both my diabetes and kidney disease, but I am thankful that the disease was detected. Now I have the knowledge and information to pass on to others regarding this silent killer.