Are you passionate about preventing kidney disease in your community? Do you enjoy educating those around you on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle? If so, our Kidney Health Educator Program may be for you!

Kidney Health Educator online course

To become a Kidney Health Educator you will need to take our 30-minute online instructional course. This course has three sections:

  • The first section will familiarize you with the American Kidney Fund and our programs and services for kidney patients and kidney disease prevention.
  • The second section is all about your kidneys, including information on kidney disease, what causes it and how to prevent it.
  • The final section walks you through our Learn It! Check It! Live It! toolkit, which is a great tool for educating members of your community about kidney health.

Finally, you’ll complete a quiz at the end of the course to become a Kidney Health Educator.

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Our Learn It! Check It! Live It! Toolkit

Once you have completed the course and quiz, we will mail you our Learn It! Check It! Live It! toolkit. This toolkit can be used in a group setting or for one-on-one counseling and is the perfect tool to put your knowledge into action! You can use it in your place of worship, at work or anywhere in your community to help people understand their risks for kidney disease and what they can do to help prevent it.

We’ll work with you to keep track of your efforts—together, we can make a difference in helping people prevent kidney disease!

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Register for our online course

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