Fun Facts About Walking

  • Walking is by far the most popular form of physical activity in the United States.

  • 10,000 steps per day—about 5 miles—is a great way to walk your way to fitness.

  • Brisk walking has been shown to reduce body fat, lower blood pressure, increase high-density lipoprotein and even reduce risks of bone fracture.

  • Brisk walking has also been associated with lower mortality rates from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

  • According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, walking helps you maintain a positive outlook, and can make you look and feel younger.

  • Walking increases the blood flow to the brain. A 1999 study of people over 60 found that walking 45 minutes a day at a 16-minute mile pace increased their thinking skills.

  • Walking one mile a day burns 100 calories. You could lose ten pounds in a year without changing your eating habits.

  • When you take a step, you are using up to 200 muscles.