Virtual Walk Ideas

The American Kidney Fund’s Virtual Walk is limited only by your creativity! Whether you participate alone, Pair Up with a friend, form a team, or Pair Up virtually, you can help increase awareness of kidney disease and raise money to support the American Kidney Fund’s programs to help kidney patients and fight kidney disease.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas to get you started. If you’re walking or running, let us know where and when! If you use a pedometer to count your steps, be sure to send us your total steps along with a picture. And don’t forget—because this is a Virtual Walk, your team members can be anywhere in the country, or anywhere in the world.

REMEMBER: If you are not currently physically active, please check with your doctor before undertaking any new exercise.

No-walk Virtual Walks:

Go Dancing. It doesn’t have to be a walk at all! Participate in your favorite activity in honor of the American Kidney Fund and help raise money to support the fight against kidney disease. If you’re feeling ambitious, why not host a dance-a-thon for your friends and invite them to join the Virtual Walk, too!

Go the Distance. Are you a runner? Consider designating your next running event—5K, 10K, half-marathon or marathon—as your Virtual Walk. Ask friends and family to support your efforts by giving to the American Kidney Fund.

Movie Night. Pick a movie with the word “walk” in the title—A Walk to Remember, Walk the Line, Walking Tall, Long Walk to Freedom, A Walk in the Clouds, etc.—and host a movie night for your friends. As them to support your Virtual Walk by making a donation to the American Kidney Fund. 

Karaoke Night. Host a themed karaoke party: Ask your friends and family to come prepared to sing a song about walking! Ask each person who performs a song to make a contribution to the American Kidney Fund; ask each person who won’t perform a song to contribute more! There are plenty of online karaoke sites and even more song possibilities: Walk on By, Walk Like an Egyptian, I Walk the Line, Walk Like a Man, Walk on the Wild Side, I’m Walking on Sunshine, Just a Closer Walk with Thee, etc.

Walking Virtual Walks:

City Shuffle. East side, west side, all around the town—pick a route and a goal for the number of steps you’ll walk. (It takes about 2,000 steps to walk a mile.) How many miles will you walk? Wear your t-shirt to show you’re supporting the fight against kidney disease.

Supermarket Sweep. Make grocery day your Virtual Walk day! Put on your t-shirt, walking shoes and pedometer.  Walk up and down every aisle until you’ve walked a mile—and focus on putting healthy items in your cart! Have a giant warehouse store or superstore in your area? Even better!

Gym Jam. Do you have access to a gym or fitness center? Make your Virtual Walk a workout! Warm up with 2,000 steps—one mile—on the treadmill or elliptical machine. Then continue your training on machines, with free weights, or an exercise class. Don’t forget to wear your t-shirt and drink water! 

A Walk in the Park. Head over to your local park and hit the trails! Pick a day when you’ll enjoy being outdoors, and set a goal: distance, time or number of steps. Be sure to wear your t-shirt.

Campus Circuit. If your campus is small, try walking around the perimeter. If your campus is very large, choose a destination: library, student commons, athletic field, etc. Wear your t-shirt and pedometer, and walk at least 2,000 steps.

See the Sites.  What are the most recognizable landmarks in your community? Plan a course that takes you to one or more. Don’t forget to get a picture of yourself in front of each one!