Award winning kidney education content

The American Kidney Fund has received many prestigious awards in recent years for our outstanding education content.

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The American Kidney Fund’s (AKF) award-winning education materials help patients to manage all aspects of kidney disease, while also raising awareness and increasing understanding among the general public. We are committed to creating evidence-based educational resources that are user-friendly for both English- and Spanish-speaking audiences.

We aim to give people the tools they need to make decisions about their kidney health, with the goal of producing positive behavior change and improved health outcomes.

Editorial Team

Our editorial team uses best practices in plain language, health literacy and cultural competency to create simple yet effective educational resources. Their content strategy is informed by current renal science and infused with the patient voice. Our writers are specialists in health education, communications, and behavioral science. They work closely with graphic designers and web developers to design print and digital resources that uphold principles of accessibility while remaining easy to use and understand.

Medical Advisory Committee

Our Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) reviews all content for accuracy to ensure recommendations for patient care align with current clinical practice guidelines. Learn more about the team of nephrologists, nurses, researchers, and other leading subject matter experts who comprise the MAC.


Our translators ensure that Spanish translations of our English resources are both linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate. They are seasoned translators and proofreaders with specialized expertise in medicine and healthcare. Visit to find kidney disease education materials in Spanish.