Ask Your Massachusetts State Lawmakers to Support the Kidney Disease Prevention and Education Task Force!

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Right now, lawmakers in Massachusetts are considering the Kidney Disease Prevention and Education Task Force, also known as H2401 and S1377. This important legislation would create a task force that would be responsible for identifying recommendations for a statewide plan that promotes awareness, prevention, early detection, and treatment of Kidney Disease throughout the state and is made up of members of the legislature and the public. Legislative input is crucial in carrying out discoveries and initiatives put forth by the task force. Expanded patient education and awareness coupled with increased preventative treatment will greatly benefit patients with kidney disease by: Slowing the progression of CKD and empowering patients to be more active in maintaining their health. Preparing late-stage CKD patients for possible kidney failure so that they fully understand their dialysis treatment and transplant options as well as changes to their health care coverage once they are diagnosed with ESRD; and Increasing the number of transplants for patients with kidney failure.

Collaborative efforts among a diverse group of public and private stakeholders to address kidney disease will lead to more informed dialogue, better decision-making and more robust policies that focus on improving patient outcomes and reducing health disparities. This in turn will lead to lower health care costs for patients, insurers, and government health care programs.