Cosponsor Legislation to Ensure Clinical Trial Diversity

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The NIH Clinical Trial Diversity Act (H.R. 7845) would expand on current efforts at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to ensure that women, people of all ages, and people of color have better representation in clinical trials. Clinical trials are scientific studies on volunteer human participants that help to discover better ways to prevent, detect, treat or cure diseases.

Because same treatments can affect people differently based on gender, age, race, ethnicity, weight, and other factors, it is important to have a diverse patient base during the clinical trials. Greater diversity would provide researchers and policy makers, such as those at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), with more and better data about the impact of treatment on a wide variety of people and if a drug should be approved for the general public.

The bill would require NIH to coordinate with developers of clinical trials to create measurable goals in recruitment and retention of a diverse patient base that is based on the disease or condition and the specific goals of the plan. The bill would also call for easier access to follow-ups of clinical trials, so underrepresented populations could participate without the burden of additional travel. Finally, the bill would require a public awareness campaign on opportunities for clinical research.

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