Email Your Legislator: Expand Access to Biomarker Testing in New York

Email your lawmakers

We still don't understand all the causes of kidney disease and most people with kidney disease don't know they have it. Biomarker testing can help people and their healthcare providers better understand and treat kidney disease, but access to this testing varies. We can expand access to biomarker testing in New York this session through a bill that is moving through the General Assembly.

Will you email your assembly member and ask for their support for Coverage for Biomarker Testing, A 1673?

Biomarker science continues to progress. Access to testing can help us diagnose kidney disease earlier and better understand rare kidney diseases and kidney injuries. The U.S. Renal Data System estimates about 5% of kidney failure cases are attributed to unknown causes; in an AKF survey, healthcare providers said they estimated 15% of their patients have kidney disease with no known cause.

This bill will expand access to biomarker testing by directing insurers and Medicaid to cover biomarker testing for diagnosis, treatment, management, and monitoring of disease. Expanded coverage will reduce barriers to testing due to cost and ensure that more people can access this important procedure

Click here to email your representative and ask them to support coverage for biomarker testing through A 1673, and to become a co-sponsor of the bill.

I will keep you updated as the bill progresses.

Can you also forward this to other kidney disease advocates in New York? We want everyone in our community to be aware of this important legislation.

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