No one in the kidney disease community should face bankruptcy or miss the opportunity to receive a life-saving transplant just because they can't get the insurance they need.

The state's Medigap insurance bill, HB 345, will help ensure ESRD patients under 65 on Medicare won't face either of these tragedies. Insurance companies have said that this bill will cost too much and isn't fair to other subscribers. We know that not having the ability to help protect yourself from the crippling costs of treatment is a true injustice, and this bill is going to change that.

Thanks to you, this critical bill made it out of the House Committee and was passed by the House. Now, with the clock ticking down at the end of the legislative session, we need your Senator to vote YES.

This bill will reduce dialysis costs for thousands in our community by requiring private insurance companies to offer Medigap policies to ESRD patients under 65 on Medicare and make sure that they're affordable.

Please click here to review and send your email asking for your Senator's YES vote.

Help us push this bill across the finish line. Thank you.

For more Medigap information, review AKF's issue overview on our website.

Jon Hoffman

Senior Director of State Policy and Advocacy