Barriers to Treatment Adherence for Dialysis Patients

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About the report

Treatment for kidney failure is complex and demanding, yet following the prescribed treatment plan is essential for patients to have the best health outcomes possible.

The American Kidney Fund (AKF) conducted a survey of dialysis patients and renal professionals to better understand how widespread nonadherence is among dialysis patients, some of the factors that make it difficult for patients to follow their treatment plans, and interventions that could help patients improve their treatment self-management.

The survey report, “Barriers to Treatment Adherence for Dialysis Patients,” provides an analysis of the AKF Adherence Survey results and is available as a free download.

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What are the biggest adherence challenges dialysis patients face?

It’s challenging to stick to the complex and demanding treatment regimen for kidney failure. Nearly 1,200 patients across the United States responded to the AKF Adherence Survey, reporting how closely they follow their treatment plans.

  • End a dialysis session early

  • Cancel/skip a dialysis session

  • Do not follow recommended doses of medication

  • Eat or drink more fluids than suggested

  • Eat or drink more sodium, phosphorus, potassium or protein than suggested

  • Are inactive or sedentary

This study was supported by an educational grant from Amgen


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