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Ambassador spotlight: Amelia Rowniewski

Author: Amelia Rowniewski  |  Posted:

Kidney disease "uproots the lives of children, taking them from playing doctor one day to barely being kept alive by doctors the next." Learn why 15-year-old Amelia became an AKF Ambassador "to be a voice for pediatric kidney patients" in her Ambassador spotlight. READ MORE >>

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Ambassador spotlight: Tamara Walker

Author: Tamara Walker  |  Posted:

"I wish elected officials were aware that dialysis patients are exhausted...and that being on dialysis changes patients’ lives forever," says AKF Ambassador Tamara Walker. She joined our Advocacy Network to raise kidney disease awareness, especially among legislators who have the power to make real change for people like her. Learn more in Tamara's Ambassador spotlight READ MORE >>

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AKF Ambassadors advocate for critical legislation during Kidney Action Summit

Author: Kate Tremont  |  Posted:

Kidney Month is a time for raising awareness about issues that matter to people with kidney disease. We brought that awareness to Capitol Hill earlier this month so AKF Ambassadors could discuss with their lawmakers two pieces of legislation that are critically important to people living with kidney disease, living organ donors and their families. READ MORE >>

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Ambassador spotlight: Nikki Grotenhuis

Author: Nikki Grotenhuis  |  Posted:

Nikki became interested in organ donation through her work at a radio station. Doing research before she interviewed someone who needed a kidney, she "realized how small of a sacrifice it was to be able to give the gift of life." She became a living kidney donor earlier this year and joined our Advocacy Network to do even more. READ MORE >>

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Ambassador spotlight: Timothy Atkins

Author: Timothy Atkins  |  Posted:

AKF Ambassador Timothy says that "deciding to take an active role in advocating for your health care and joining with a larger group working toward a common goal is when change can occur." Learn more about Timothy and his experience in our Advocacy Network on our blog. READ MORE >>

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Ambassador spotlight: Jessica Davis

Author: Jessica Davis  |  Posted:

Jessica Davis is an AKF Ambassador living with Alport syndrome, a rare disease that causes kidney disease. She says, "Being chronically ill can be extremely disempowering. Being an AKF Ambassador is a surefire way to know that your voice is being heard and your story is being told." Learn more about Jessica and her advocacy work on our blog. READ MORE >>

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Ambassador spotlight: Leigh-Ann Williams

Author: Leigh-Ann Williams  |  Posted:

I wanted to encourage patients of all ages to advocate for themselves and be actively involved in their health care decisions." Check out our blog to learn more about Leigh-Ann's experience as an AKF Ambassador and why she hopes you'll become the newest member of our Advocacy Network. READ MORE >>

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AKF Ambassador Spotlight: Dean Walker

Author: Dean Walker  |  Posted:

Dean is a retired Branch Manager for Canon Business Solutions. Before, and since retiring in Feb 2018, he was involved with Bladder Cancer Action Network as a patient advocate receiving PCORI training and working with pharmaceutical companies providing the patients perspective as new cancer therapies are developed and readied for market. READ MORE >>

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AKF Ambassador Spotlight: Christopher Knippers

Author: AKF staff  |  Posted:

Christopher Knippers has worked for over 40 years in the field of psychology (Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology) as a specialist in mood disorders, addiction, and holistic health. He has published several non-fiction books (e.g. Common Sense, Intuition, and God’s Guidance) as well as a novel (Aloha Kai: An Adventure in the Power of Aloha). READ MORE >>

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