Do you know who are your elected officials?

Now that the new Congress is in place, it is time for us to get involved and stay involved. It does not matter what party our elected officials are from because each and every one of them has a chance to be a supporter of kidney patients. So whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent or anything in between, it is important to be connected to your member of the House and your senators to make sure they hear from you.

To me, the first step in being involved is to know who your members of Congress are. If you go to the top right corner of both and and enter in either your zip code or your state name, you will find who your representative and senators are.

Once you have that information, I think it is important to go to their web sites and sign up for any newsletters or updates they may have. Knowing more about them and their work on Capitol Hill will make you a better advocate for kidney patients. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you should also follow your elected officials. A lot of the time social media is the fastest way to receive updates.

Another benefit to having all this information about elected officials is it will let you know when they will be out in the community and you will have a chance to meet them. There may not be many events where your representative or senators have public availability, but through town hall meetings, parades, and meet and greets, every year there are a few chances to connect.

All the tips I’ve given are just a start but they are a good foundation that you can build upon.

Posted: | Author: Ben Shlesinger