Learn about best practices in engaging your elected officials, and the public policy issues affecting health care and kidney disease.

AKF Ambassador Spotlight: Nieltje Gedney

Author: Nieljte Gedney  |  Posted:

Nieltje Gedney spent 20 years avoiding dialysis, and then found herself in the ER a year ago, crashing, and placed on emergency hemo. After starting home hemo, she felt great! Nieltje is no newcomer to advocacy work, just to dialysis, and is really enjoying her role as Home Dialyzors United’s current Treasurer and past Vice President and working on the Policy and Advocacy Committee. READ MORE >>

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AKF Ambassador Spotlight: Frances Ashe-Goins

Author: Frances Ashe-Goins  |  Posted:

Frances Ashe-Goins, a public health expert with years of experience working at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and also serving as a college professor, is the mother and caregiver of a daughter who is living with from kidney failure. READ MORE >>

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AKF Ambassador Spotlight: Ellery Payton

Author: Ellery Payton  |  Posted:

Ellery Payton has been an Ambassador with AKF for 12 years. He is a two-time kidney transplant recipient, one in March 2003 and another in 2012. Ellery takes pride in working with AKF and is always willing and able to do what’s necessary to get the word out. READ MORE >>

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AKF Ambassador Spotlight: Christopher Knippers

Author: AKF staff  |  Posted:

Christopher Knippers has worked for over 40 years in the field of psychology (Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology) as a specialist in mood disorders, addiction, and holistic health. He has published several non-fiction books (e.g. Common Sense, Intuition, and God’s Guidance) as well as a novel (Aloha Kai: An Adventure in the Power of Aloha). READ MORE >>

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