Advocacy can be intimidating to some, and hard to understand for others. But it’s actually a rewarding and unique opportunity to make a difference for millions of people. As an AKF Advocate, you will have the opportunity to meet with local officials, coordinate grassroots efforts with other groups in your area and educate others about kidney disease.

To be an effective advocate for kidney patients, you’ll need a thorough understanding of kidney disease. If you haven’t already, please take our free online Kidney Health Educator course to refresh your knowledge about kidneys and kidney disease.

To help you get started, here is some helpful information to prepare you to be an effective advocate for kidney patients.

Learn more about the American Kidney Fund

The American Kidney Fund helps people fight kidney disease and live healthier lives. We achieve our mission by providing financial support to patients in need, and by delivering programs that educate, build awareness, and drive advocacy, resulting in greater public understanding and ultimately the prevention of kidney disease.

Our vision is a world without kidney disease. Until that day comes, we believe that every kidney patient should have access to health care, and every person at risk for kidney disease should be empowered to prevent it.  

Our Advocacy Network plays an important role in our efforts to build public understanding of kidney disease and ensure that every kidney patient has access to quality health care.


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Advocacy 101

Advocacy is generally defined as a process that aims to bring about change in process, policy or practice. Advocacy is taking action for a cause that you believe in—speaking and acting on behalf of yourself and others.

The American Kidney Fund advocates on behalf of more than 700,000 Americans living with kidney failure, 30 million Americans with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and the millions more who are at risk. Our Advocacy Network plays a vital role in influencing public policy that ensures access to quality care for kidney patients, as well as educating communities about kidney disease, its causes, and how to prevent it.

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Contact your elected officials

An important part of advocating for kidney patients is contacting your government officials about issues relating to kidney disease. You can reach your government officials by writing a letter, calling themor scheduling a meeting, either in Washington or your state’s capital, or in their district offices.

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