On June 22, Republicans in the United States Senate released their bill – the Better Care Reconciliation Act – to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act.  The vote on the bill was delayed, providing an opportunity to reshape the bill to meet the needs of American people, especially those with chronic conditions, such as kidney disease. We urge the Senate to take this additional time to make changes that will ensure affordable access for all people:

  • Health reform legislation should include coverage of essential health benefits. People with preexisting chronic conditions must have coverage that provides the essential benefits they need no matter where they live. There should never be an option allowing such benefits to be dropped.

  • The Medicaid program – funded jointly by the state and federal governments should remain a strong safety net for people with low-incomes, including people with chronic diseases.

  • There should be reasonable limits on how much insurance companies can charge people based on their age.

  • People with chronic conditions should have access to comprehensive and affordable health care.