Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown of Queens Village, N.Y., didn’t think much about kidney disease until he found out his mother’s kidneys were failing—shocking news, considering that she had no symptoms. Anthony decided to donate a kidney to his mother, a life-changing decision that enabled her to bypass dialysis and helped ensure that she would be around to share his life’s major milestones. 

The experience left Anthony passionate about educating others about kidney disease and kidney donation. In a short video, Anthony describes how he became aware of the need to get the word out about kidney disease. He joined AKF’s Advocacy Network and has spoken at AKF events and been featured in the media. Anthony wants to find ways to increase money for kidney disease research, one of the key policy priorities he spoke about at his March visit to Capitol Hill to speak with members of Congress during AKF’s Kidney Action Day on the Hill.

Meeting with members of Congress and their staff also changed Anthony’s life. His poignant story is powerful, and his visit to Washington has redoubled his drive to continue advocating for kidney patients in every way possible.

“I feel blessed that I can live for something bigger than myself,” he said.

AKF is grateful for Anthony’s time and commitment to advocacy on behalf of people living with kidney disease.