Audrey Adamson

Audrey Adamson did not get kidney disease from hypertension or diabetes, the two leading causes.  Hers came as a result of another health issue, pancreatitis.

Audrey was diagnosed five years ago with chronic kidney disease when she was just 27 years old. Prior to that, she was a very active and healthy young adult.  She was an avid horseback rider and therapeutic horseback instructor.    She had no previous health issues, and was shocked to learn her kidneys were not functioning properly.

“There is no stereotype for kidney disease. If it can happen to a twenty-something with a relatively good diet, it can happen to anyone,” says Audrey.  She is passionate about sharing her story and raising awareness for kidney disease in her community. She currently manages her condition with medication and has adopted a healthy, active lifestyle.

Audrey uses her blogs and social media outlets to advocate for kidney disease research.  This year, she participated in Kidney Action Day on the Hill where she encouraged her legislators to support funding for research and education.

AKF is grateful for Audrey’s efforts to help educate her community about the impact of kidney disease.