Anemia and end-stage renal disease go hand in hand. Talk with your doctor or another member of your health care team to find out more about your anemia symptoms and treatment options. Our Doctor Conversation Guide can help you get the conversation started.

The next time you meet with your doctor, don't forget to bring the conversation guide. It's important that when you are speaking with your health care team that you be specific. Here are some other conversation starters that might help.

  • What causes anemia?
  • Am I already on treatment for anemia? What treatment?
  • If I'm not on a treatment, what are my treatment options?
  • Why might I still have symptoms if I am on a treatment for anemia? Is there anything I should be doing differently?

Doctors and researchers are working on potential new treatments for anemia. New treatments in development are tested in clinical trials. If you’re interested in joining a clinical trial to try an investigational new treatment for anemia, visit to learn more.