The following resource guide provides a listing of some California organizations, as well as local and state programs, that provide help to dialysis and transplant patients. Please contact them directly for specific information about eligibility and availability.  Please note that AKF is only affiliated with its own charitable assistance programs.

NEW: The California Department of Managed Health Care is providing important information about 2020 health coverage options for AKF HIPP grant recipients in California, including phone numbers you can call for assistance. 

Coverage Options (English)

Coverage Options (Espanol)

Financial assistance

The following organizations provide direct financial assistance or have resources about financial assistance for dialysis and transplant patients.

American Kidney Fund

Safety Net Program ($100 per year)

Provides grants to qualified dialysis or transplant patients for many health care expenses that are not covered by insurance. Some costs include transportation to and from dialysis, medications, co-payments, kidney donor, and transplant expenses

Phone: 1-800-795-3226

Kidney and Urology Foundation

Patient emergency grants: one $100 grant per patient per year for emergency situations only

Phone: 1800-633-6628

Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation

Inpatient hospital financial assistance

Phone: 781-356-4300

Realm of Caring Foundation, Inc.

Provides financial assistance for alternative therapies not covered by insurance to Colorado or California residents

Phone: 719-347-5400

United Way

Local resource referral guide

Phone: Dial  211

Support groups and treatment center resources

The follow organizations provide resources and referrals for ESRD-related matters, including support groups.

ESRD Network#17 Southern California Renal Disease Council

  • Assists with resolution of treatment center grievances
  • Assists in identifying treatment options for patients
  • Provides case consultation
  • Assists with navigating the involuntary discharge/transfer process

Phone: 1-800-232-3773

ESRD Network#18 Southern California Renal Disease Council

•    Assists with resolution of treatment center grievances
•    Assists in identifying treatment options for patients
•    Provides case consultation
•    Assist with navigating the involuntary discharge/transfer process

Phone: 1-888-268-1539

Support group - American Association of Kidney Patient (AAKP)

Provides information regarding renal support groups by city with details/contact information

Support group - UCSD Kidney Transplant Support Group

Provides support for the pre- and post-renal transplant patient at meetings held on the third Tuesday of every month

Phone: 1-858-657-7729

Federal, state and local healthcare resources 

Federal, state and community health centers that provide health services and access to health insurance

Community Health Centers (CHC)

Provides primary care services and comprehensive programs to promote health.

Phone: 1-805.346.3900

Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) - Find a health center

Health center search engine


Public health insurance program which provides needed health care services for low income individuals with disabilities, foster care, pregnant women and specific diseases


Kidney patients may become entitled to Medicare based on ESRD. Benefits on the basis of ESRD are for all covered services, not only those related to kidney failure.


Community fundraising resources

The following for-profit crowdfunding platforms allow people to raise money for events ranging from life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses.


Guide for creating GoFundMe fundraiser:




Medication and nutritional supplement assistance

The following resources provide reduced or no-cost financial assistance for medications and/or nutritional supplements.

Abbot Laboratories/AbbVie products

Provides assistance with the following products:

  • Ensure
  • Glucerna
  • Nepro
  • Gengraf® (cyclosporin)
  • Zemplar®

Phone: 1- 800-222-6885


Provides assistance with the following products:

  • Aranesp®
  • Epogen®
  • Sensipar®

Phone: 1- 800-272-9376

Health Well Foundation

Direct assistance for: co-pays, premiums, deductibles, money to patient c/o insurer, pharmacy or provider

Phone: 800-675-8416

Needy Meds

Resource referral regarding: patient assistance programs, free/low-cost clinics, disease-based assistance, state programs, drug discount cards

Phone: 800-503-6897

Educational resources

The following organizations provide comprehensive educational resources about kidney disease, transplantation and organ donation.

American Kidney Fund

Provides resources for dialysis and transplant patients regarding kidney disease, dietary needs, financial assistance, clinical trials, educational webinars, dialysis and transplantation, and kidney donation.

Phone: 1-800-795-3226

NKF of Southern California

Provides resources for dialysis and transplant patients.

Phone:1- 818-783-8153