Last summer we brought advocates together with their members of Congress in their home districts during the August District Work Period. AKF advocates and staff members met with members of Congress in Georgia, Texas, California, Tennessee, Mississippi, New Jersey, Michigan and Wisconsin, and elected officials heard directly from their constituents about the importance of making sure ESRD patients can have a choice of insurance.

Some insurance companies want to make it more difficult, if not impossible, for nonprofit organizations like AKF to help pay for someone’s health insurance. It is important for members of Congress to know that their constituents with ESRD deserve a choice in health insurance, even if they rely on charitable assistance to pay for it.
It can be very difficult for people living with kidney failure to travel any distance, let alone to Washington, to meet with elected their representatives, so we brought the meetings to the members of Congress in their local offices.
We will hold more of these meetings in 2017. If you would like to be involved with future meetings, or other advocacy efforts like writing a letter to your congressman, please contact Ben Shlesinger at or 301-984-6636.