How the HIPP program works

  • AKF has been helping patients with the payment of insurance premiums for nearly two decades, and was established 45 years ago to help one patient pay for dialysis treatment.
  • There are multiple hallmarks of HIPP that are in place for the purpose of ensuring the integrity and objectivity of the program:
    • Using donor funding, we provide help to patients solely on the basis of their financial need. We carefully review each applicant’s financial status and require that they meet specific income to expense criteria in order to qualify for our help.
    • Donor funding is provided to AKF without any restrictions or conditions whatsoever—funds go into one funding pool and from that pool we administer the program providing grants to eligible low-income dialysis patients to pay for their insurance premiums.
    • Help is provided without regard to the type of insurance they have, where they live, or whether their dialysis provider is a donor to our program. Many dialysis providers with patients being assisted by our program do not contribute to AKF.
    • In fact, our patient grant department does not have access to information about which providers have contributed to AKF.
    • Our independent Board of Trustees includes a subcommittee with responsibility for oversight of HIPP and the membership of that committee excludes anyone associated with a dialysis center, including employees, officers, shareholders or owners of such centers.  AKF employees are further prohibited from being shareholders or otherwise affiliated with dialysis companies.
    • Patients chose their coverage with no input from AKF—we are not involved in helping patients find new insurance and do not provide patients with advice on which insurance plan to choose.
  • Patients may change their health insurance coverage—and their provider—at any time, and AKF will continue to help them.