If you are on dialysis, you probably have many health care expenses that are not covered by insurance. Typical expenses include the cost of transportation to and from dialysis; over-the-counter medicines; co-payments; and other needs, for example, dentures.

Kidney donors have out-of-pocket expenses related to giving the gift of life. These expenses often include the cost of travel and lodging, or the expense of lost wages during the transplant process.

The American Kidney Fund's Safety Net Program provides small grants to help people with these costs. We depend on contributions from supporters nationwide to be able to make these grants available. We currently are able to provide a maximum grant of $100, once per year, to financially qualified individuals. In 2017, with help from our Safety Net Program, 11,500 dialysis patients were able to pay for transportation to dialysis, nutritional products, emergency assistance and other expenses not covered by health insurance. For more information about applying for a Safety Net grant, speak with the social worker at your dialysis center today, give the American Kidney Fund a call at 1.800.795.3226.