1. HIPP is for people who can’t afford their monthly insurance premiums. We determine your eligibility based on our financial need criteria.
  2. We help you to pay for health coverage you’ve already chosen that best meets your needs. We don’t help you choose or enroll in an insurance plan.
  3. When you receive grant assistance from AKF, it doesn’t matter where you are treated. We will assist you whether or not your dialysis provider or transplant center makes charitable contributions to AKF, and you’re free to change providers at any time. We do not help you choose a dialysis clinic or other health care providers.
  4. Assistance with primary and secondary insurances is available (AKF will not assist with more than two types of insurance).
  5. Once you have assistance from HIPP, you’ll be able to access all of the health care services offered covered by your insurance, including transplant workups and transplants allowed under your plan.
  6. When an existing HIPP patient receives a transplant, we provide health insurance premium assistance to the patient through the end of the insurance coverage plan year. For example, a patient whose health plan year is on a calendar basis and who receives a transplant in May would be eligible to receive HIPP assistance through the end of December. If the transplant occurs in the final quarter of a plan/policy year and AKF has already begun paying premiums for the next plan/policy year, then AKF will continue grant assistance for the full new plan/policy year.
  7. We help you regardless of whether your health care provider makes charitable contributions to AKF.
  8. Although you receive HIPP assistance from AKF, you are the policy holder for your health insurance. The contract is between you and the insurance company. You are responsible for understanding all of the terms of your contract and for making sure that your health insurance premium is paid on time.
  9. AKF reviews grant requests on a “first-come, first-served” basis. We are an independent nonprofit organization. Our HIPP program depends on the generosity of donors, and we accept new applications for HIPP assistance as funding becomes available.  
  10. AKF processes applications within 10–14 business days on average.
  11. You should work with your dialysis social worker or HIPP coordinator to complete your HIPP application so that they have all the information to submit a complete and accurate application.
  12. It is important that you bring your most current insurance bill (no older than 90 days) to your dialysis social worker before applying to AKF for assistance. You must also sign and date a HIPP patient consent form. Not providing all required documentation can slow down the grant approval process and delay getting the grant to you.
  13. All applications must be submitted via AKF’s online Grants Management System (GMS).