You will need to choose the transplant center (or centers) where you want to be listed. In the United States there are more than 250 transplant centers. For a full list click here. You may want to consider the following when choosing a transplant center:

  • Distance of the transplant center to your home: When you are on the national waiting list, you may get a call any time that a kidney match is available for you, and will need to reach the hospital in a short amount of time. The specific amount of time depends on the hospital, and you should talk to the transplant team about this before getting listed. Usually you will need to reach the hospital within 24 hours after you are contacted about an available kidney.
  • Your insurance coverage: Some hospitals accept only certain insurances for transplant surgeries. Discuss your health insurance with the transplant coordinator before choosing a hospital.
  • The experience of the transplant team: You may want to know whether the transplant center is new or whether it is well established. This is a personal preference that may matter to some, and not as much to others. For more information about the performance information of a certain transplant center, visit this website.