To increase your chances of getting a kidney transplant as soon as possible, you can get listed at multiple transplant centers, in hospitals that are in different OPO areas. Getting listed in multiple hospitals in the same OPO area will not increase your chance of getting a transplant sooner, because organ donations are considered by region.

If you are able to get listed in multiple areas, you must be able to reach any transplant center where you are listed in a short amount of time. The specific amount of time depends on the transplant center, and you should talk to the transplant team about this before you get listed.

Usually you will need to reach the hospital within 24 hours after you are contacted about an available kidney. You must also be available for appointments with the transplant team leading up to the transplant surgery and after the surgery.

This may require taking long drives, or even booking flights, in a moment’s notice. For this reason, getting listed at multiple hospitals can be a financial barrier for many people.