The transplant team for a child is similar to one for an adult. However the members of this team should be specially trained doctors to meet the needs of children with kidney disease:

  • Pediatric nephrologists are doctors who treat children with kidney disease and kidney failure.
  • Pediatric transplant surgeons are the doctors who perform kidney transplant surgeries for children.
  • Social workers connect parents of child transplant patients with resources which address the needs of their child and families during and after a kidney transplant. Social workers find resources related to travel to a transplant center, health insurance, and adjusting to school.
  • Child psychologists or psychiatrists are trained health providers who help children who receive transplants, their siblings, and parents cope with the emotional changes that often happen during the transplant experience.
  • Dietitians create special meal plans that will keep your child healthy before and after the transplant.
  • Nurses are responsible for patient care before and after the transplant surgery. They play a major role in the transplant patient’s recovery.
  • Your child’s pediatrician will not will not be directly part of the transplant team, but you and the transplant team should keep this doctor informed of your child’s health status.