The transplant team is a group of medical professionals who do your evaluation to decide if you qualify for a kidney transplant. They also manage your medical care before and after the transplant. The transplant team is usually made up of:

  • Transplant coordinators organize the patient evaluation, prepare patients for the transplant, and organize the treatment and follow-up care after the surgery.
  • Transplant physicians are doctors who handle patient medical care, and prescriptions. The transplant doctor does not perform the surgery, but provides the medical care for the patient leading up to, and after the surgery.
  • Transplant surgeons are the doctors who perform the actual transplant surgery and work closely with the rest of the transplant team right before and right after the surgery.
  • Financial coordinators work with the transplant coordinators and insurance companies to be sure that patient finances are in order throughout the transplant process.
  • Transplant nurses are responsible for patient care before and after the transplant surgery. They play a major role in the transplant patient’s recovery.
  • Transplant dietitians teach transplant patients about how to make the best food choices before and after the transplant surgery. They may create special diets for patients before the surgery, and will help patients adjust to their new diet after the transplant surgery.
  • Social workers help transplant patients learn healthy coping skills to deal with challenges they may have before or after the transplant surgery, such as emotional problems, fear, physical side effects, or financial stress. They also connect patients to community resources and help with problem solving.

Courtesy of the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN).