While you are waiting for a kidney transplant:

  • Do not miss appointments with your transplant team, primary doctor, and other doctors.
  • If you are on dialysis, do not miss your dialysis sessions.
  • Let your transplant team know if you experience any changes in your health, even if you feel like you just caught a cold.
  • Take all medicines prescribed to you by your transplant team. Let the transplant team know if you are taking medicine from another doctor.
  • Carefully follow the eating and exercise plan given to you by the transplant team. You may be asked to see the dietitian or physical therapist.
  • Manage your health care by keeping all of your medical papers in a folder or binder so they are all available in one place.
  • If you are a woman, talk to your transplant team about birth control, and what you should know about having children before and after your transplant.
  • Immediately let your transplant team know if any part of your contact information changes, especially your address or phone number.

Average wait time

The average wait time for a kidney from the national deceased donor waiting list in the US is 5 years, but this can change a lot depending on your personal situation, and/or the availability of a living donor.