Join the Kidney Health Coach Facebook group

Upon completion of the Kidney Health Coach course, you will be invited to join the Kidney Health Coach Facebook group via email.

If you did not receive an email about joining the Facebook group within 7 days of completing the course, email us at

Here are some suggestions about how to utilize the Facebook group:

  • Connect with other Kidney Health Coaches. This is a great place to share ideas and tips for hosting a session. You never know, you might even find someone who could co-host with you!
  • Get a tough question during a session that you did not know the answer to? Write it in the Facebook group. A fellow Kidney Health Coach or AKF staff member will get back to you. By sharing your question publically, you will be educating other Kidney Health Coaches, too.
  • Share the successes and challenges you may face. Others will likely have similar experiences.
  • Get information from AKF about webinars for Kidney Health Coaches, tips for hosting sessions, and AKF events.

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