Planning and hosting your first education session could seem a bit overwhelming. The great thing about Kidney Health Coach is that we do not have requirements about who you educate, where you educate, or how many people you educate.

Choosing a location

Usually it is easier to find an established group of people and bring the education session to them, instead of attracting an unfamiliar audience to you. Consider a few things when choosing a location or population:

Is there a group I am already connected with in my community?

Having a connection to a group gives you an advantage. If you have established a trusting relationship with a group, this will make your audience more receptive to learning from you.

Is there a population at risk that I can reach?

Though it is not a requirement, finding a population at risk for kidney disease to educate is ideal, since there are people who are more at risk for kidney disease than others.  Consider these risk factors for kidney disease when you are choosing an audience:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Being 60+ years old
  • Being African American, Hispanic, Indian American or Alaska Native, or Asian-American

What groups are already established that I could connect with?


  • Community centers
  • Senior centers
  • YMCAs
  • Place of worship (e.g. churches, temples, etc.)
  • Volunteer groups
  • Hospitals
  • Gyms
  • Family members

Preparing for the session

Once you have connected with a group, and they have confirmed they are interested in learning about kidney disease, it is time to start planning.

  • Set a date and time for the education session.
  • Check the availability of technology at your site.

Certain sites may have a computer and projector you can use, but some may have neither. You may be expected to bring your own laptop, or the site may be able to provide one. These are details you will need to discuss with your site.
Be flexible. If a projector is not available for the presentation, you can print the slides for participants to follow along, and deliver the presentation verbally.


Create a flyer for your presentation, and talk to the site about how they advertise for events. There may be a bulletin board with upcoming events, space on a website to advertise, or an established listserv.

Practice, practice, practice

You will be better prepared, which will result in your audience feeling confident in your knowledge and skills as a coach.

Gather your materials

Remember to bring:

  • The Kidney Health Coach presentation; whether it is in the PDF form or printed out
  • Printouts of the 5 AKF fact sheets for the expected number of participants