Disaster relief for dialysis patients

Patients helped in Texas, Florida, USVI, Northern California, Puerto Rico


Provided in Disaster Relief

Thank you for making an impact

When Hurricane Harvey struck Houston – you were there

When Hurricane Irma struck Florida and USVI – you were there

When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico – you were there

When wildfires took over Northern California – you were there

For this and so much more – we say thank you!

“We have lost everything, so any amount helps.”



When she thinks about putting her life back together after the hurricane, Roberta says “it’s going to take a while.” Perhaps even a year, she thinks. “We lost beds and all of the furniture … and right now we’re just trying to get everything dried out and washed down.” But with help from AKF’s Disaster Relief grant funded by generous friends like you, Roberta and her husband will rebuild. “Every little bit helps,” Roberta shares. “We have lost everything, so any amount will help.”

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The worst moments bring out the best in people

You allowed the AKF Disaster Relief Program to meet the immediate needs of patients devastated by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, and the wildfires of Northern California.


In Greater Houston alone, more than 10,000 patients depend on dialysis to stay alive. Thousands of dialysis patients were displaced and needed our help.


Dialysis patients who suffered loss of property or income, loss of food due to power outages and or other damages needed extra assistance.

Puerto Rico

The power grid was badly damaged, and the island didn’t have the capacity to produce clean water. Dialysis clinics fought just to stay open and could not operate without water and power.

We helped provide disaster relief to patients in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, USVI and Northern California with $ provided in disaster relief grants.

"Thank you for being by our side."



Very recently we have been reminded that for people in the most challenging of situations, feeling positive about future possibilities can require a big leap of faith and the support of a caring community. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, and the wildfires in California have turned thousands of lives upside down. Can you imagine living through such a disaster… perhaps losing your home and all of your belongings… and not only that, but at the same time also needing regular dialysis treatment?  Your support has been a sliver of light in a dark time for thousands of patients in need. There are no words to express our gratitude for your generosity.

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100% of your gift made a real impact

Many have lost everything as a result of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. So far, here’s how our Disaster Relief Program grants are helping:


replaced clothing &
household items


paid for transportation to dialysis
treatment & temporary housing


replaced lost medications and food for specialized diets

“We’re doing what we can to meet those patients’ needs.”



Even before a hurricane strikes, dialysis social workers work overtime to help their patients prepare. 

In the immediate aftermath of a hurricane, dialysis social workers go into emergency mode. They work with their administrators to reopen their centers and mobilize the resources needed to contact patients and get them to treatment—even while dealing with their own personal losses resulting from the storm.

We salute them for the care they provide to dialysis patients day in and day out.

Thank you!

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