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FOR KIDS 12 AND OLDER: What are your plans after high school? (college, career, etc.)

FOR KIDS UNDER 12: What do you want to be when you grow up?

How is your day-to-day life affected by kidney disease?

How do you talk about your kidney disease with your friends to help them understand?

What advice would you give to other kids with kidney disease?

How has a friend, family or celebrity inspired you to deal with your disease?

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In consideration of participation in the Events and/or Activities, I/we grant to the American Kidney Fund full rights to take pictures, photographs, and/or video (including recordings) of my/our child in connection with the Events and/or Activities, and to make use of such pictures, photographs and/or videos as the American Kidney Fund shall deem appropriate. I/we understand that the copyright to all such pictures, photographs and/or video shall be and remain the exclusive property of the American Kidney Fund. Further, I/we grant permission to the American Kidney Fund, without limitation, the right to collect and use information about my/our child.

I/we further grant and assign to the American Kidney Fund the exclusive copyright and all otehr property rights in and to the art created by my/our child in order that the American Kidney fund may make sure of it in the calendar it will publish and in such other publications as the American Kidney Fund shall deep appropriate in the exercise of its sole discretion. I/we understand that no payment, royalty, or other consideration will be paid by the American Kidney Fund in return for the copyright to the art which is an absolute and unconditional gift to the American Kidney Fund.

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