How to talk to your doctor about high potassium

You might find it hard to manage high potassium on your own. The good news is that your health care team can help. Use these tips to start a conversation:

Be honest and do not be afraid to start the conversation. If you are having problems managing your high potassium, tell your healthcare team. Many people struggle with their diet and medicines. Your healthcare team will have lots of experience to help you come up with a plan.

Talk about any symptoms you are feeling. Muscle pains, feeling tired, and other symptoms could be caused by high potassium but there could be other causes.

Ask to see a dietitian. If you are a dialysis patient, you may already have a dietitian you can talk to. If you have kidney disease and are not yet on dialysis, many health insurance plans (including Medicare) will cover at least a few sessions with a dietitian.

Ask if there is a medicine that could help. Medicines called potassium binders might be able to help you if diet is not enough. Ask your healthcare team if potassium binders could be an option for you.