How Your Support Powers Second Chances for Kidney Patients

What does a second chance mean to you? For kidney patients like Miles, Ken and Alysia, a second chance means the ability to live life on their own terms.

AKF programs provide second chances to thousands of people each year thanks to supporter contributions.  Through the gift of lifesaving transplants, greater access to health screenings, patient resources and financial assistance, kidney patients can take advantage of a fresh start in life and have the ability to redefine life with kidney disease.

Here’s how AKF supporter contributions have powered second chances for three of our AKF Ambassadors.


Miles was always close with his mother Evelyn and his two siblings, and the love for his family made him eager to start a family of his own. After getting married and having a daughter, Miles and his wife were soon expecting their second child. That’s when kidney disease changed everything. At a routine check-up, Evelyn was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease. What was once a limitless future now seemed uncertain.

Miles became desperate to save his mother from dialysis. He got tested to be a kidney donor and was almost a perfect match, but the hospital could not perform the surgery due to antibodies in his blood. It seemed like they were running out of options.

A transplant center was able to use an advanced technique to treat Evelyn’s blood first, allowing for the surgery to be possible. In July 2017, Miles successfully donated his kidney to his mother. In October that same year, his son was born. Your support of AKF helps to fuel clinical research programs, making more advanced treatments like this possible for families.  


Ken’s kidney disease journey started when he was a child. Doctors found that Ken’s kidneys weren’t working as well as they should, and he was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. While normal treatments managed some of his symptoms they could not stop the damage to his kidneys. By the time he started college, Ken knew he’d need a transplant.

In a heroic act, his dad stepped up to be a living donor. His generosity provided Ken the gift of five years of good health, allowing Ken to finish college and receive his Ph.D.

A few months before a medical fellowship, Ken’s body began to reject the kidney and he had to start dialysis. Determined, Ken found a way to balance the demands of a medical program and peritoneal dialysis. After receiving his second transplant, Ken is now working as a pediatric nephrologist.

AKF programs help provide patients greater access to treatment and provide support to those looking to donate organs. Without access to these lifesaving treatments, a future can seem impossible. Thanks to dialysis and transplant, Ken got a second chance at fulfilling his dreams.


Alysia has never known a life without kidney disease. That’s why she recognized her first kidney transplant at age 10 as a great blessing. Her transplant allowed her to live life to the fullest, travel the world, finish school and start a fulfilling career.

In 2014 the kidney that had given her the world started failing and she had to begin dialysis. Alysia had always taken good care of herself but struggled with feeling that what was happening was her fault. 

Thanks in part to financial assistance from the American Kidney Fund, Alysia was able to receive the kidney she needed and got a second chance at the life she loved. Now she’s determined to help others like her.

You, too, can help Alysia, Ken and Miles as they work to create positive change, fighting for those who don’t have a voice. When you support AKF, you let kidney patients know they are not alone. Thanks to support from people like you, wherever life takes a kidney patient with a second chance, they have the chance to make it their own.

This year we hope you will make a special donation to fund the fight and make sure we can make even more second chances possible.

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