KidneyNation Spotlight: Going the Extra (26.2) Miles

Author: Deidre Nelms  |  Posted:

Good luck to all the runners in Sunday's San Francisco Marathon. We’re cheering on 17-year-old Ellie, who will be running her first marathon in the hopes of raising $26,200 for AKF through KidneyNation. Ellie has FSGS, a rare kidney disease, and has been inspiring hundreds of people to donate to help out the kidney community. READ MORE >>

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Why I decided to participate in COVID-19 vaccine research studies as a kidney transplant recipient

Author: Lori Noyes  |  Posted:

AKF Ambassador Lori Noyes has recently participated in two COVID-19 vaccine research studies to help scientists better understand the vaccine’s effectiveness for transplant recipients. She wrote about her commitment to helping the immunocompromised community and her experiences getting a third shot of the vaccine. READ MORE >>

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It’s not just about you: Get vaccinated for those of us who can’t develop antibodies

Author: Alysia Yamasaki  |  Posted:

"As things begin to reopen and more and more people are resuming normal life, I am reminded that my body is not like others. I know that I have to trust myself, be safe and unapologetically ask the question, “Are you vaccinated?” when I am unsure of someone’s status...I know this is my new normal—but does it have to be this way?" - Alysia, AKF Ambassador. Read more on our blog. READ MORE >>

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Faces of gout: Ellery P.

Author: Ellery P.  |  Posted:

To learn more about the connection between kidney disease and gout, visit AKF’s Goutful campaign at Goutful education content is made possible by Horizon Therapeutics. The following is a letter patient Kyle C. wrote to the medical community detailing the impact gout has had on his life. READ MORE >>

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The Atlantic Health Summit: AKF joins national conversation on health equity

Author: Deidre Nelms  |  Posted:

LaVarne Burton, American Kidney Fund President and CEO, participated in The Atlantic Health Summit in a panel discussion on “The Power of Patient Advocacy.” She discussed the need to address the disproportionate impact of kidney disease on communities of color, listen to diverse groups of patients about their experiences and correct longstanding racial biases in kidney disease detection. READ MORE >>

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Navigating nutrients: Helpful vs. harmful potassium

Author: Dr. Blake Shusterman  |  Posted:

Like many of us, Kidney Kitchen contributor Dr. Blake Shusterman loves high-potassium foods like bananas, sweet potatoes and avocados. If you're someone who gets confused by one-size-fits-all potassium recommendations for people with kidney disease, check out his latest guest blog post to help you navigate this nutrient READ MORE >>

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