KidneyNation Spotlight: Going the Extra (26.2) Miles

Author: Deidre Nelms  |  Posted:

Good luck to all the runners in Sunday's San Francisco Marathon. We’re cheering on 17-year-old Ellie, who will be running her first marathon in the hopes of raising $26,200 for AKF through KidneyNation. Ellie has FSGS, a rare kidney disease, and has been inspiring hundreds of people to donate to help out the kidney community. READ MORE >>

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Why I decided to participate in COVID-19 vaccine research studies as a kidney transplant recipient

Author: Lori Noyes  |  Posted:

AKF Ambassador Lori Noyes has recently participated in two COVID-19 vaccine research studies to help scientists better understand the vaccine’s effectiveness for transplant recipients. She wrote about her commitment to helping the immunocompromised community and her experiences getting a third shot of the vaccine. READ MORE >>

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