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Research: Health literacy and health disparities in southeastern North Carolina

Author: John Stanifer, M.D., M.Sc.  |  Posted:

In the United States, chronic kidney disease affects racial and ethnic minority populations including American Indians, African-Americans, and Hispanic Americans at higher rates than whites. In North Carolina, health disparities are even greater in the southeastern counties where the rates of kidney disease are among the highest in the country. READ MORE >>

TOPICS: Research, Kidney disease prevention, Kidney failure

Blood pressure and ESRD—learning the connection the hard way

Author: Dereck Lee  |  Posted:

I found out I had high blood pressure when I was in college. I knew it was serious, and I knew I needed to take medication to control it. But the prescription medication was expensive, and I couldn’t really afford it, so I stopped taking it. I guess I was in denial . . . for more than 10 years. But my life was pretty normal and most of the time I felt OK. Until 2008. READ MORE >>

TOPICS: Living with kidney disease, Kidney disease prevention, Kidney failure

Six Steps to Control Your Blood Pressure

Author: Jerry Penso, M.D., MBA  |  Posted:

A routine doctor’s appointment often involves a health professional checking your blood pressure. The screening is not painful or stressful and typically takes less than a minute to measure. However, the results of this simple test may identify a condition that, when managed, could help reduce your chances for stroke, heart attack and kidney disease. READ MORE >>

TOPICS: Kidney disease prevention, Healthy living

Roll Up Your Sleeves for a Blood Pressure Check

Author: Dr. Jerry Penso  |  Posted:

High blood pressure affects one in three Americans—68 million people. Less than half of these individuals have it under control, and 20 percent don’t even know they have the disease because it often shows no signs or symptoms. If this pressure stays high over time, it can lead to kidney disease and other health problems like heart disease, heart attack and stroke. READ MORE >>

TOPICS: Living with kidney disease, Kidney disease prevention

Take Five Steps to Kidney Health Awareness with an American Kidney Fund Screening

Author: AKF Staff  |  Posted:

The only way to know if your kidneys are functioning properly is to get tested. With early detection, chronic kidney disease (CKD) can be managed and its progression can often be slowed. That’s why taking advantage of AKF’s free health and kidney screenings is so important for your health. READ MORE >>

TOPICS: Living with kidney disease, Kidney disease prevention

How to Talk to Your Doctor

Author: Orlando M. Gutiérrez, M.D., M.M.Sc.  |  Posted:

National Kidney Month is a great time to make an appointment for a kidney check-up. Be proactive in knowing about your kidneys and ways to protect them. Make sure that you ask your doctor if your kidney function has been checked in the past year, and if not, ask if you can get simple blood or urine tests to check how well your kidneys are functioning. READ MORE >>

TOPICS: Living with kidney disease, Kidney disease prevention
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