Innovation news: KidneyX competition sets sights on artificial kidney

On October 30, the KidneyX Innovation Accelerator announced Phase 1 of a competition to push development of an artificial kidney toward human clinical trials. Submissions are now open and are due on March 24, 2021. Up to eight winners will be recommended for prizes of up to $4 million.

The KidneyX Innovation Accelerator is a public/private partnership between the American Society of Nephrology and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The partnership’s goal is to drive innovation in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases by identifying promising technologies through competitions and awarding funding to the winners. The partnership was established in 2018 and winners of the earlier Redesign Dialysis competition have already been awarded.

According to the KidneyX website, the Artificial Kidney Prize will build on past KidneyX competitions with a goal focused on kidney replacements that will give kidney failure patients options beyond dialysis. The “artificial kidneys may be wearable, implantable, bioengineered, developed as a xenotransplant or chimera organ, or other approaches not yet conceived. The competition aims to bring these artificial kidney solutions toward human clinical trials with a greater level of maturity, functionality, and potential for patient impact than is currently possible.”

KidneyX is aimed at accelerating innovation in the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of kidney disease. Innovation in the kidney disease space is greatly needed, as it has lagged behind other diseases and treatment methods—not much has changed for kidney patients in 60 years. With 37 million Americans living with kidney disease and millions more at risk, the American Kidney Fund strongly supports efforts to give kidney failure patients new and innovative treatment options.  

Those looking to learn more about the KidneyX Artificial Kidney Prize can attend their virtual information session on December 3.


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Holly Bode

Holly Bode is the vice president of government affairs at the American Kidney Fund.

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