Resources for dialysis patients affected by the hurricanes

This post was added on August 28, 2017. Click here to get more up-to-date details about AKF's rapid response to the hurricanes. For dialysis patients, a natural disaster like that unfolding along the Gulf Coast is truly a matter of life and death. More than 12,000 dialysis patients—more than a quarter of all dialysis patients in Texas—live in the region affected by Hurricane Harvey, and as the storm moves into Louisiana, even more patients will be affected.

Emergency resources can help patients find an open dialysis center or pharmacy, and apply for emergency financial grants.

Emergency grants:

The American Kidney Fund has activated its Disaster Relief Program for Texas and Louisiana dialysis patients affected by the storm. Any Texas or Louisiana dialysis patient affected by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey who needs an AKF emergency grant should contact a social worker at their dialysis center for information on applying, or call the American Kidney Fund directly at 800.795.3226.

Online resources:

The Texas ESRD Emergency Coalition (TEEC) provides access to the status of every dialysis provider in Texas—including whether or not they can accommodate displaced patients—at this link: Use the username txdialview and the password Teec2015!@ to log in. NOTE: always call your clinic first to verify that it is open before leaving your home.

Additional resources for dialysis patients in the hurricane zone can be found on the Kidney Community Emergency Response (KCER) Program’s Hurricane Harvey webpage: . This page provides a link to help patients find nearby pharmacies that are open and has a Three-Day Emergency Diet Plan for patients who are unable to reach an open dialysis facility.


The TEEC also operates toll-free hotline number for emergencies: 866.407.ESRD (3773), and KCER’s hotline number is 866.901.3773 (also available by email

Many dialysis companies also operate hotlines for patients:

  • DaVita: 800.400.8331
  • Fresenius: 800.626.1297
  • DCI: 866.424.1990
  • DCI Donor Hotline/Transient Patients: 800.969.4438
  • ARA: 888.880.6867
  • SAMHSA - Disaster Distress Helpline: 800.985.5990
  • US Renal Care: 866.671.8772

If you would like to help dialysis patients affected by Harvey, please consider contributing to AKF’s Disaster Relief Program.

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