AKF urges Gov. Brown to veto SB 1156


ROCKVILLE, Md. (August 30, 2018) We are deeply disappointed that the California Legislature put insurer profits and union priorities ahead of the needs of patients and voted in favor of SB 1156.

With this vote, California has gone in the opposite direction of other states that have recognized the importance of protecting patient access to charitable premium assistance for insurance coverage. Charitable premium assistance is what makes it possible for low-income patients to maintain the insurance coverage that meets their complex coverage needs for kidney failure treatment, co-morbidity management and kidney transplantation.

It is extremely disheartening that California lawmakers would bend to the demands of powerful special interests—billion-dollar health insurers and the SEIU—and ignore the voices of low-income Californians who have depended on our federally approved nonprofit assistance program for the past 21 years to stay insured when kidney failure has devastated their families’ finances. These patients are the losers in this week’s vote.

AKF will continue to advocate in opposition to SB 1156 and will urge Governor Brown to protect patients by vetoing this bill. We are more committed than ever to our charitable mission of helping dialysis and transplant patients who need our help to afford their healthcare costs, and we will fight any effort, anywhere, that threatens the patients we serve.