American Kidney Fund’s Most Visited Webpages Highlight Connection Between Protein in Urine and Chronic Kidney Disease


Expanded resources in English and Spanish help visitors find information that could lead to early diagnosis of CKD or nephrotic syndrome

ROCKVILLE, Md. (November 2, 2018)–As part of its comprehensive efforts to prevent kidney disease and promote early detection, the American Kidney Fund (AKF) has expanded its educational efforts around proteinuria (protein in urine) as one of the earliest indicators of possible kidney damage. With over 750,000 page views this year, AKF’s proteinuria webpage is already one of the organization’s most visited pages in both English and Spanish, signaling strong public interest in clear and easily understood information that explains proteinuria and its connection to nephrotic syndrome and chronic kidney disease (CKD). 

“Changes in the appearance of urine are often one of the first visual cues that there may be something wrong with your kidneys,” said LaVarne A. Burton, president and CEO of the American Kidney Fund. “We recognize people are searching for more information on the symptoms they are seeing, and our expanded web content is designed to answer any questions they may have.” Proteinuria often causes foamy, frothy or bubbly urine.

Proteinuria can be an early sign of CKD, or a symptom of nephrotic syndrome, a rare disease which is also marked by high blood pressure and high cholesterol. AKF’s proteinuria page links to information about nephrotic syndrome and its leading cause in adults, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS).

The expanded educational content on AKF’s website, along with additional materials specific to a low-protein diet, is made possible by an educational grant from Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals.

Both CKD and nephrotic syndrome are progressive and can lead to kidney failure, which can only be treated by dialysis or a transplant. With early detection, progression to kidney failure can often be slowed or even stopped.

“AKF is recognized as a first-line resource for patients and professionals with questions about kidney-related conditions and kidney disease,” Burton said. “Through our website, our social media efforts, and planned webinars on the topics of proteinuria and nephrotic syndrome, we are encouraging individuals who notice changes in their urine to seek medical care right away.” 

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