Elaine Milem

Elaine Milem is a two-time kidney transplant recipient. While on dialysis she was tremendously helped by the AKF's HIPP program and also had the honor of sharing her story on Capitol Hill as an AKF Ambassador. After her second kidney transplant, she began working for the University of Kentucky as a Kidney Patient Advocate/Navigator. She spent several years visiting with dialysis patients, providing education, and helping them overcome obstacles that stood between them and kidney transplant eligibility.

As an AKF Trustee, she tries to bring the voice of the patient to the table from her own
experiences and from the thousands of stories that have been shared with her. Being a part of AKF has helped her feel like, in some small way, she can give back to an organization that has given her so much!

Elaine is not currently employed as she is the sole caregiver for a family member.