Help dialysis patients with treatment-related costs.

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Welcome to the American Kidney Fund (AKF) community and thank you for your interest! We invite you to learn more about our lifesaving work on behalf of 30 million Americans with kidney disease today.

The Safety Net Program provides an extra layer of security.

Dialysis patients have enough to be concerned with on a day to day basis as they manage their health. When they don’t have enough funds to cover expenses like transportation to and from treatment, or even essential medicines, it quickly becomes a serious problem.

As a top-rated charity, AKF spends 97 cents of every donated dollar on patients and programs. AKF's Safety Net Program provides the extra layer of security patients count on when they can't afford unexpected, treatment-related costs – and their health is put at risk.

Here’s how AKF’s Safety Net Program works

A dialysis patient is unable to pay for an unexpected, treatment-related cost

AKF receives grant applications
from patients requesting help

Safety net grants are awarded
to help patients in need

Ready to make a lifesaving difference for dialysis patients?

You can help dialysis patients with unexpected, treatment-related costs – and help save lives. Please give generously to help AKF provide safety net grants to patients in need. You can rest assured, knowing that you are supporting an organization that touches more patient lives than any kidney nonprofit while spending 97 cents of every donated dollar on programs and patients.

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