Congratulations and welcome to the Kidney Health Coach community! Now you have full access to all of our newly updated educational resources, incentives for participation, and most importantly, access to support and guidance from dedicated AKF staff members leading the program.

American Kidney Fund fact sheets

You can print the American Kidney Fund fact sheets and distribute them to those who attend your education sessions. The fact sheets are valuable resources for participants.

Download the AKF fact sheets:

Request the AKF Factsheets:

If you are unable to print the fact sheets, AKF will print the fact sheets and mail them to you. Email with the date, location, and expected number of participants for your planned session. We will send you enough fact sheets for your expected number of attendees.

*The American Kidney Fund ships across the United States and to U.S. territories including Puerto Rico. Standard shipping time applies, expect your delivery 1-2 weeks from ship date.

Kidney Health Coach presentation

You can use this presentation for conducting your own Kidney Health Coach presentations. The presentation is similar to the Kidney Health Coach course, but does not go as in depth as the training course does.

We have provided notes for you to guide the presentation. Do not feel like you need to read the notes verbatim, instead the notes can act as your guide. Feel free to make the presentation your own. We recognize you come with your own life experiences and knowledge and hope you will use this to enhance your presentation.

You may need to adjust your presentation style depending on the site you choose. For example, your site may not be able to provide a computer or a projector. Try to be adaptable. Consider bringing your own laptop, if this is an option. Or print the slides in advance, distribute the slides to participants and deliver the information verbally. The important thing is getting your messages across clearly, and how you do it is not as important.

Download the Kidney Health Coach presentation:

Log a Kidney Health Coach session

The American Kidney Fund greatly appreciates what you do as coaches, and we want to recognize you for your generous service. Logging your education sessions helps us keep track of our coaches’ progress. Please do not forget this very important step. Give us as much information as you can about the session. Your feedback will help us improve the program.

The more sessions you host, the more you will be rewarded. Therefore, remember to log the session every single time you host an education session.

One session

  • Log the details of one session and receive a Kidney Health Coach pin and 20 AKF stickers to distribute to participants at your upcoming Kidney Health Coach sessions.

Five sessions

  • Log the details of five sessions and receive a Kidney Health Coach t-shirt.

We will email you within 7 business days of reaching a milestone to provide an update on your reward. If you believe you have reached a milestone and have not received an email within 7 business days, please email us at

*The American Kidney Fund ships across the United States and to U.S. territories including Puerto Rico. Standard shipping time applies, expect your delivery 1-2 weeks from ship date.

Connect with AKF

We are here to help. Email us at for support. We will do our best to respond to your inquiry within 7 business days.

Join the Kidney Health Coach Facebook group

Upon completion of the Kidney Health Coach course, you will be invited to join the Kidney Health Coach Facebook group via email.

If you did not receive an email about joining the Facebook group within 7 days of completing the course, email us at

Here are some suggestions about how to utilize the Facebook group:

  • Connect with other Kidney Health Coaches. This is a great place to share ideas and tips for hosting a session. You never know, you might even find someone who could co-host with you!
  • Get a tough question during a session that you did not know the answer to? Write it in the Facebook group. A fellow Kidney Health Coach or AKF staff member will get back to you. By sharing your question publically, you will be educating other Kidney Health Coaches, too.
  • Share the successes and challenges you may face. Others will likely have similar experiences.
  • Get information from AKF about webinars for Kidney Health Coaches, tips for hosting sessions, and AKF events.

Connect with AKF in other ways, too

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